How it works?

It works on an agile way, allowing you to enroll new members or customers easily and quickly, and then, reward them with points or benefits that can be redeemed on your branches. As a business or club owner, you will have an administrative website, a public website and an app for cashiers. The customer by their part, they will have their own app to manage everything related to points, benefits and information related to their account.

Customers or members

Customers or members attend your branches and consume your products or services.

Business or clubs

Your business or club rewards every consumption by awarding points and benefits to consumers.

Awards or benefits

Consumers redeem their accumulated points for available prizes or benefits.

What does the service include?

Administrative website

A place for everything, or everything in one place

From the administrative website you can handle everything related to your business or club

  • General settings
  • Branch offices
  • Users
  • Customers
  • News publications
  • Opening hours
  • Transactions
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Prizes or rewards
  • Benefits
  • Website and branch offices personalization
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Cashier App

All the power in a smartphone

The cashier App allows your employees to:

  • Search customers
  • Register new customers
  • See customer information
  • Register purchases
  • Register credit notes
  • Debit from accumulated credit
  • Reset customer password
  • Request prizes
  • Deliver requested prizes
  • Scan QR information from DNI (only for Argentina)
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Public website

Your showcase to customers or members

This will be your showcase for your business or club, customers could see, among other things:

  • Welcome page
  • Branch offices
  • Latest news
  • Awards catalog
  • Products catalog
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours
  • Other features.
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Customer self management App

A direct communication channel with your clients or members.

The self-management app is a direct channel of communication between your business and customers. They can, by logging in with their user, manage their points, credit, redeem pointsfor prizes, and see all the information regarding your trade, such as products, latest news, awards, opening hours and much more.

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A service for both, you and your customers

Because we know that both your business and your customers are important to you, we made a service that brings together everything you need to get closer to them.

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